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The Following Introduction is the Introduction to Book One, (Red Cover), "The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!

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A Miracle Can Happen In Your Marriage!

Rebuild Your Marriage, Recover From Adultery and Abuse, and Enhance any Marriage Using the Life Changing Principles that God Taught us. These Principles Which Have Given Us an Outrageously Happy Marriage will Teach You How to Experience One Also! DVD & Audio Book Available.


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By Elizabeth Jameison, Editor
"The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!"
Retired American Baptist Pastor

Wow! Guess What? If you are holding this book right now you are holding onto dynamite! Wait… don't drop it! Remember dynamite is often used to explode old, ugly buildings so that something of practicality and beauty may be born.

The principles of "The Man of Her Dreams, The Woman of His" may shatter your "cemented" ideas. They may cause you to re-think your values. They may irritate you, they may tickle your funny bone, they may bring some tears. Just know that whatever stage of marriage you are experiencing, it really can get better. It can become wonderful.

If you are happy, happy, happy in your relationship, give thanks. There's always room for "more happy!" You'll find it by using the principles expressed in this book. If your marriage has reached the bottom of an ugly pit, hang on! It can change. There is hope. If you're somewhere in the dull, boring, "in between" you are ready for a treat. Perhaps it's time for an explosion into joy.

"The Man of Her Dreams, The Woman of His" is not just words, theory or educational facts. It is life experience. It is the honest (very honest) exposure of the reality of a marriage on the rocks, in the rocks, under the rocks, crushed by the rocks. It is the story of a toxic ugly relationship made beautiful by the dynamite explosions of the old and the birthing of the new. It is the story of my son. It is the story of my daughter-n-law. Nothing is held back.

I am very proud of Joel and Kathy - my kids! I have been extremely blessed to see them grow into one of the most fulfilled couples I know. Twelve years ago I saw the marriage as very sad, dysfunctional and hopeless. It has been a miracle brought about by Joel and Kathy actually believing and working out the marriage principles of "The Man of Her Dreams, The Woman of His".

They give God the credit and the Glory. They will be forever thankful to Paul Hegstrom, director of Life Skills International located in Aurora, Colorado.

Through the principles taught at the seminar the dynamite exploded! Joel and Kathy made a choice.

Today you are given that choice. For each of you it will be different.

For some it will be to stay in the boring ho-hum of your relationship.

For some it will be to stay in a trapped, abusive situation.

For some it will be satisfaction with a marriage that seems as OK as the next.

I trust that many of you will choose to open the doors of your hearts and minds --let the dynamite of God's power and the application of biblical principles transform your marriage into the joyous, fulfilling experience that God intended.

God Bless,

Elizabeth Jameison

Daytona Beach, Florida


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