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From the Foreword:
Who are Charles & Frances Hunter?     Thousands of books have been written on marriage. There are all kinds describing all kinds of marriage problems but most of them leave you cold!…and with the same problems as you had before.
    I have never read a book as cleverly written as The Man of Her Dreams / The Woman of His!
    This book puts into a nutshell the answer to every problem in every marriage. It is so simple, so easy to read and yet so totally challenging.
    We would recommend that you read this book and give a copy of it to every married friend you have.

Charles and Frances Hunter
Who are Charles & Frances Hunter?

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Since 2004, over 10,000 copies of "The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!" have been sold all over the world. The ministry has grown into a full service marriage ministry offering multiple nationwide group marriage mentoring phone calls, a 24/7 online marriage forum, DVD sets, Seminars, Weekend Marriage Intensives and Joel and Kathy wrote their second book, "Livin' it and Lovin' it!" Let Joel and Kathy Davisson show you the way!


Our healed marriage is being
used by God to bring remarkable
healing to many marriages.
Let our story heal yours!

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Joel and Kathy Davisson :
    Joel and Kathy have been married since 1984. In 1985, things went downhill fast! Arguments were loud and dramatic. In 1987, they began to pastor their first church. Though they both loved the Lord and wanted a happy marriage, the dysfunctions continued to increase. Joel became skilled at mental, emotional, verbal and spiritual abuse.

In 1991, Joel's abusive treatment of Kathy culminated in his committing adultery. By this time their first son, Chris, was 2 years old and daughter Jenifer was 1 year old.

They left the ministry to travel on the road in full time secular work with the intention of restoring their shattered marriage and save the family. Things got worse. Three years of struggle ensued. Finally, they attended a one week set of classes that were designed to teach couples how to minister to severely abusive marriage relationships. Joel and Kathy realized that Joel was an abuser! Joel accepted this "verdict" and began to transform into a loving and kind husband.

By this time, Josiah was almost one year old and Shekinah was ready to be born. Shekinah Glory, born in 1994, got to live with parents who were healed and happy for fourteen years. On September 17, 2008, Shekinah suddenly went to be with the Lord. Kathy had been prepared to divorce Joel in the spring of 1994. Being pregnant with Shekinah was the only reason that Kathy did not follow through with the divorce. Joel and Kathy say, "Shekinah was our angel who kept us together long enough to attend those classes and was then with us for those first 14 wonderful years of our progressively healed and happy marriage."

Joel and Kathy have been experiencing an outrageously happy marriage for many years and have been in full time marriage ministry since 2004.

The Man of Her Dreams
The Woman of His:

Heals and Empowers Women
Changes and Delivers Men   
Brings Sudden and Dramatic
  Marriage Improvement

    This is the book that Frances Hunter introduced from the stage of the Houston Astrodome at their 172th Healing Explosion on October 2, 2004 as the best book on marriage that she has ever read.

  Click image to enlarge! The Healing Explosion at the Astrodome was a dream come true for Joel and Kathy as the Hunters officiated the renewing of their wedding vows in celebration of their 20th wedding anniversary. In attendance were Rodney and Adonica Howard Brown, Norvel Hayes, Marilyn Hickey, Mary Ruth Swope, Doc and Norma Jean Leroy and other notables. Jaci Velasquez sang! Frances prophecied over Jaci at 3 years old that she would have a voice that would reach the world!

Who are Pastors Billy Joe & Sharon Daugherty? Dear Joel & Kathy,

    We rejoice for the help this book will give people wanting a better marriage.

In Jesus,
Pastor Billy Joe & Sharon Daugherty
Who are Pastors Billy Joe & Sharon Daugherty?


Who are Pastors Jim & Pam Dumont?    The grace of God is very evident in the lives of Joel and Kathy.
    The Davisson’s became part of our new church family in 1991. Only a miracle could have saved their marriage back then. God gave them that miracle through His Word and their tenacious determination to prevail.

Now, their insights shared through The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His will surely help preserve other marriages needing help.

Pastors Jim & Pam Dumont
Erie Christian Fellowship Church
Who are Pastors Jim & Pam Dumont?

This book is needed by:

Every married person:
To Help a husband to become
  "The Man of Her Dreams"
To help a wife become
  "The Woman of His!" 

Every Minister: To help you to walk in integrity in your marriage.

Every Bride and Groom "to be":
For Her: If the love of your life does not 'buy into' this message, save yourself years of misery by finding another!

For Him: Read this book to prepare yourself for a successful marriage. Kill that part of you which will destroy your marriage before getting married. Save yourself and the love of your life from years of misery!

Are you ready for a miracle in your marriage?

Who is Pastor Jerry Barnard?    "My wife Sandi and I married in our teens. God in His Grace has helped us to enjoy a dream life together. If the story and principles in this book can direct even one couple to dreams fulfilled, it will be a plus in a 'marriage world' that has too many sad endings. I tell couples that the first twenty-five years are the hardest, so to anyone who reads this book, I say "don't give up".

Pastor Jerry Barnard
International Christian Center
First Assembly of God
Who is Pastor Jerry Barnard?

Thanks so much Joel!!!! We know how much shipping books and tapes as we send them all over the country to wherever Bob is ministering, so we appreciate you doing that for us!!! I will send you a check to cover the books!!! I can't wait to sit down and read it myself!!! Bob is a 'CHANGED MAN' because of this book!!!! Bless you!!!! Jayne

I like the clarity of the statement about marriage being taught "upside down", it's easy (for wives) to grasp, and see in their own lives. I agree with all your comments, and also counsel women to begin speaking clearly and directly. They are filled with shame, and it is so sad.

I'm very glad to learn of your book and I know it will be a very valuable resource to me and to others I'll share it with. I've not known of a book clearly stating the "backwardness" of marriage teachings in the church, and your testimony is so powerful and courageous. I can whole heartedly stand behind it.

I am grateful for any opportunities to promote one another's books, and will start spreading the word in my counseling network. I looked on your web site, and it was great fun to find a testimonial from Gary Lange -- he was my internship supervisor about twelve years ago, and a super guy.

Many blessings,

Brenda Waggoner
Author: The Myth of The Submissive Christian Woman,
Tyndale House

"Your honesty and counseling approach cut through the defenses and denial that so may troubled couples have. Your wise counsel has clearly brought couples out of the blame game and helped them address the more healing route of "What can I do differently that will make the relationship better?"

James Mallory, M.D., Atlanta Counseling Center, Atlanta, GA
Author: Battle of the Sexes
A.B. in Biology from Princeton University; M.D. from Duke University Medical Center; Member of AMA, CMDS, Diplomate of American Board of Psychiatry. He has authored The Kink and I, Mental Health: A Christian Approach, Untwisted Living and Battle of the Sexes.

Joel and Kathy,

I got your Four CD audio book of "The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!" and I am already listening to it. I have a couple I am counseling and it confirms everything I have shared with them (same Holy Spirit). God is so awesome and I know that when they listen to the whole thing, then they too will defeat the enemy who is trying to divide their home.

Thank you so much. Your teaching removes that backward way that most Christians try to make a marriage work. It has to start with the husband and so many write books on how women can manipulate their husbands into loving them and it just does not work. Thanks for the wisdom you share.

God Bless
Diann Messer


I did received your book and I am enjoying it very much…….Your web site is very good and is helping us in our spiritual lives. I thank GOD for men and women like you who are not afraid to share the power of GOD with others. You are both in my prayers.

My husband and I are Pastors and will be using your book in our ministry.

Many blessings,

Your sister in Christ

Iris DeLaRosa

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Joel and Kathy™

(386) 206-3128
(386) 334-7873
244 Pine Grove Drive
Palm Coast, FL 32164

What a book! Joel and Kathy Davisson bare all in "The Man of Her Dreams, The Woman of His." This easy to read book is transparent in its discussion of true marital woes prominent in Christian households. Joel's fresh look at biblical texts that have long been contorted to define marriage as a hierarchy as opposed to the partnership God intended sets this book apart from others.

Men have traditionally been ignored as being equal party to the health and success of a relationship. Kathy's narratives are instructive and reflect heroism under-acknowledged, as she and so many other women have be victims of men’s self-serving theology.

The freedom that is the Gospel should exist in our marriages. This book directs men to free themselves and, most importantly, their mates as Christ has freed us. I challenge Christian men, Black and White, to resist living out the stereotype assigned by popular culture of being clueless schmucks regarding relationships. It is time to buck up and lead our marriages to the blissful state Joel and Kathy now enjoy.

Roderick Burton
Author; The Moral State of Black America

When in Daytona Beach, please visit..

Dear Joel and Kathy;

I gave my Sister your book because she is going through a separation.

I asked her to preview the Book for me because I am really busy right now and she could not put it down. Then She gave it to her husband. So with my Sisters review, I will use it in my Counseling.

Thanks and God Bless
Dr. John Brancato

Dear Joel and Kathy,

I wish you continued success with your book and your ministry. I do read the testimonies and have given several of the books to clients. I know that none of us have all the answers, but you seem to be touching many lives. I back you 100%. I wish you much success.

Dr. Ron Hamm

My Husband is on chapter 10!!!!

He has changed sooooo much, not only in the way he treats me, but I can see it in his eyes.

Thank you thank you thank you for staying true to God through all of your tribulations so that God can use you guys to restore so many marriages!!!!!!!


(From a happy wife!)

Thanks for that dynamite email. It is a classic!

We love you guys so much! Thanks for all your immeasurable help and care.

Jim has been very sweet the last 2 days and doesn't know why! I told him to try to remember why so he can keep it up!

I got roses today. YES! And we have a DATE planned for later...

Thank, You Jesus!

Love and Blessings to you,



"You are holding onto dynamite! Let The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His! transform your marriage into the joyous, fulfilling experience that God intended!"

Elizabeth Jameison
Retired American Baptist Pastor
Legendary Figure among the American Baptist Delaware Region
read the book's introduction here

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Yes, my husband and I have read the book. We bought several and sowed them into others lives in and out of our ministry here in Shreveport. It truly is the secret to having the most successful marriage anyone ever imagined. Most powerful!

God Bless

Vernell Alexander
Rivers of Life Christian Ministries

I "met" Joel and Kathy via the Internet...and the friendship has been  real and encouraging!   As fellow writers, we clicked...but as Christians  with struggling marriages, the synergy was overwhelming!   My husband and I  have been through one of the darkest times a couple can go through!  He was  incarcerated for three years!  Talk about flailing marriages...we didn't  even have one for those three years!  And the worst part wasn't even the was the homecoming! Things had changed!  We needed a  new start!  There was no foundation to build upon!  Except for  Christ!  Thank God for His saving mercy on us both and for the work of  people like Joel and Kathy....without Him and without the prayers of His people,  we could not have survived!  I even wrote a book about it!  My humble  gratitude goes out to Joel and Kathy...fine and wonderful friends...and  transparent Christian examples for the rest of us to "imitate in the  faith".   My husband and I renewed our vows all over again, on June 11, 2005....a  decidedly smaller affair than Joel and Kathy's renewal!  Nevertheless, God  is moving in very BIG ways!  

Kay Heidemann  
* Hebrews 12:1-3 & Hebrews 13:1-8

***Author of Separated by Steel:

"Both my husband and I strongly recommend this information- packed book for all married couples. As fellow couples in couple’s ministry, we can truly see the need for such a book. Both Joel and Kathy speak candidly, opening the hearts and sharing and confessing their deepest hurts in the hope that they can help other couples save their marriages and even make them joyous! Their honesty is so refreshing as it takes true faith to be pastor(s) in their church yet so publicly risk the expressing of their testimonies in order to use their trials to help others triumph. A must read!"

Sherri and Michael

There are too many marriages ... YES even "Christian" Marriage going "down the tubes"! For the past Forty Five years whatever "marriage counseling" was offered DID NOT WORK!! (I am living proof!) .... Joel and Kathy have a new "oblique" on the dilemma! They are saving hundreds ... maybe even thousands of marriages across the country!

Whatever was "tried" in the past .... did not work. It's time for unity .... the churches to come together and tackle this problem "head on". Joel and Kathy are "just" a couple that is living the perfect marriage ... and is sharing their success .... they were on the verge of Divorce after an adulterous affair! Today, they act like two teenagers in love!

The "Church" NEEDS to hear their message! I wish I heard it 13 years ago! It could have averted my first divorce. I wish I heard it 6 years ago ... it could have averted my second divorce!


John Kaiser, Bradenton, Florida

Hi Joel & Kathy,

A terrific email. So very true and so very DIFFERENT from the usual message of just what you cited.

I have heard it over and over. When someone tells the truth, what we have been told for so long seems so ridiculous! Just submit and love your husbands and everything will be alright. Hogwash! I thank God for your ministry of bringing the truth to the masses who are so mislead. Keep it up in the name of Jesus.

May our God continue to pour out His richest blessings upon you and yours,

Dr. Elizabeth McCullough

National Christian Counselors Association

To see 500 Testimonies from Weekend Marriage Intensive couples, Click Here!

"I remember Joel (and Kathy)in the sessions at Life Skills. He was in a real blame game. Questions and challenges came! "What about her?" "When does this program deal with the wife?" "If she would get her life straight I would be okay!" The barrage of denial came fast and furious. After the seminar was concluded, Kathy called me and we talked it out. I just knew Joel had tremendous potential if he ever got the truth of the Life Skills message. Well it happened! He got it! God's principles worked. You must read this book about Joel and Kathy's recovery. This book has a happy ending. Joel and Kathy, God will bless your message because of your Transparency. Reader, you will be blessed also by the truth." Paul Hegstrom Ph.D. Founder/President, Life Skills International  From Preface to "The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!

If your marriage has been ravaged by adultery, porn, other marital problems, divorce, emotional abuse, mental abuse or verbal abuse, then allow Joel and Kathy Davisson to help you!
Joel was a Pastor in 1991 when he got into an affair. He then continued to abuse Kathy with spiritual abuse, mental abuse, verbal abuse and emotional abuse. Joel's infidelity and continuing abuse almost caused a divorce.
In 1994, Joel and Kathy attended a week of training at a center that was teaching couples how to minister to couples in severely abusive marriages. Life Skills International with Dr. Paul Hegstrom.
There they learned that Joel was an abusive husband. Their marriage restoration began immediately. In 2004, after ten years of living an extraordinarily happy marriage, God led the Davisson's to write The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!
Now, through this marriage ministry, Joel and Kathy help couples with every type of marriage problems, such as: recovery from porn addiction, adultery, abuse and help for a myriad of other marital problems.
The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His Ministry includes marriage training opportunities and marriage support. This marital support includes marriage seminars, their signature Weekend Marriage Intensive, phone marriage counseling and personal marriage mentoring. The Weekend Marriage Intensive is a combination of marriage retreat, divorce prevention and a Marriage Workshop.
The Weekend Marriage Intensive Marriage Retreats conducted by Joel and Kathy have brought about remarriage after divorce, rekindling of romantic love, adultery recovery and recovery from every other kind of unfaithfulness in marriage.
Marriage coaching and couples coaching is available for FREE on Joel and Kathy's online marriage forum at 
The marital advice, marital counseling, relationship advice and answers for married couples problems that are found in the marriage tools offered here often bring immediate marriage recovery. This ministry is a marriage builder in every way. The marriage help that is available for marriage problems combines the best of relationship workshops, marriage enrichment and communication skills. Other Marriage Builder's - such as Tom and Judy Shewmake, of Connecting Relationships, utilize the marriage training and marriage support that is offered by this marriage recovery and marriage restoration ministry. Professional marriage counselors also utilize the books in their marriage counseling practice.
Joel and Kathy's entire ministry functions as a support group for husbands and wives. Husband and wife alike will want to utilize the relationship counseling and marriage support that is available to recover from severe to moderate relationship problems. If you are looking for divorce prevention, recovery from an extra-marital affair, or affairs, and have tired of traditional marriage advice; if you would like to rekindle the dream of love and romance in your marriage, if you would like to eliminate control and manipulation in your marriage, if you need to have restoration from a marital separation - and would like to experience a renewed love affair  with your spouse; you have found the answers with Joel and Kathy's marriage ministry!
Couples everywhere are enjoying love affairs again, with their marriage partner, after reading the 2 marriage books that are written by Joel and Kathy: The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His! and Book 2: Livin' it and Lovin' it!  
The book(s) are endorsed by Charles and Frances Hunter, Billy Joe Daugherty, Richard Sigmund, author of A Place Called Heaven and many other counselors, Pastors and teachers. Preface written by Dr. Paul Hegstrom, founder of Life Skills International,
Instead of looking to divorce recovery - how about pursuing divorce prevention!
Instead of a private investigator, how about reading these marriage recovery books and learn how to restore intimacy in married life from people who have been where you are! We and many couples whom Joel and Kathy have helped are now experiencing an Outrageously Happy Marriage!
Be sure to go the web page that has over 200 testimonies from people who have attended a Weekend Marriage Intensive! Read the regular Testimony Page that has many testimonies from couples who have simply read the books and received a marriage miracle. Look at the Counseling Q & A page for answers that have been offered to other couples with marital problems just like yours! If you are a man who has lost your wife's heart and need to restore the relationship, go the page that is For Men. You will find a lot of writing to real life men in your shoes - men who ended up winning their wife's heart back. The links for these pages are at the top left of this page in the menu.

Your marriage can recover from any and every type of marriage problem. God's way for marriage works! In a nutshell, "God's Way" looks like this: Mutual Submission, Mutual Respect, Mutual Honor and Team Leadership in the home and marriage. God's perfect plan is for you to experience an Outrageously Happy Marriage! Marriage is God's best idea for us to experience happiness while on earth! Marriage IS meant to make you happy! The enemy has often thwarted God's plan for marriage - but now you can redeem the time. Your evil days can be turned into glad days! You can be Outrageously Happily Married! You can have a MIRACLE in YOUR marriage! If Joel and Kathy can do it, SO CAN YOU!

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