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Weekend Marriage Intensives Are Open Now for Engaged Couples, Men Who are Working to Win their wife's Heart Back and Divorced men.

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Local Church Marriage Seminars: A "Joel and Kathy" seminar is full of unique and challenging marriage concepts! Paradigms will be challenged. Senior Pastors, please read both books before scheduling seminar and please plan to personally attend all seminar sessions.


300 Weekend Marriage Intensive Testimonies

Weekend Marriage
Victory Intensives

Weekend Marriage Intensives are now open to:

1. Engaged couples for the most realistic pre-marriage insights imaginable! Seperate hotel rooms required as we are a Christian ministry.

2. Men who have lost their wife's heart and they are working to win her heart back.*

3. Divorced men who want to attend as a single for healing and preparation for your future.*  

Note: Weekend Marriage Intensives are not open for a husband or wife to come alone to, if their spouse wants a restoration. If both spouses want a restoration, they must come to an Intensive together. It only takes one person to destroy a marriage - but it takes two to build an Outrageously Happy Marriage.

The Weekend Marriage Intensive is open to a man whose wife wants nothing to do with him,and/or she has a boyfriend and/or does not want anything to do with working toward a restored marriage, This husband can come to learn truths that will help him to own his issues and be transformed into a Christlike man. The weekend will be very painful for you - but you will grow and learn a LOT.

Weekend Marriage Intensives are not open for a wife to come alone to, when that wife is married to an uncooperative husband. An intensive would only frustrate this wife and would not be productive for any purpose. There also would not be much purpose for a divorced woman to come. The healing that is available for a divorced woman in the two books, forum and phone calls is sufficient, we believe. When you are engaged, come as an engaged couple!

Note: *The Private sessions are reserved for couples, including engaged couples. We will do a private session with any singles on the phone after the Weekend Intensive is over. ($50 discount for singles)

FREE MARRIAGE MENTORING PHONE CALL! Do you sometimes just need someone to talk to? When we were going through our worst times, Kathy's heart cry was to have a "voice" on the other end of the phone to get an encouraging or directive word from. We offer one completely free phone call to you - call and get some help! Later, if you would like to call in regularly, all that we ask is for you to make an offering of any amount each thirty days, OR sign up below to give $10 per month on an automatic basis OR purchase a product of any amount in a thirty day period. Then you can call in each month, as often as you would like! We are here to help you! Call times are all eastern time:
Monday nights from 9 PM until at least 10 PM Marriage Help
Tuesday nights: 9 PM - 10 PM (This call is a positive living, encouragement call - not for marriage mentoring. Call at this time for a positive outlook on life! This call is conducted for one hour by Elizabeth Jameison, book editor and Kathy's mother-in-law! She is over 70 and the most positive person you will ever meet! Let her encourage you to look up! Life is and can be TRULY GREAT for YOU! Get your mind in gear for LIFE!) Highly recommended for everyone and especially those who are in the middle of or on the other side of divorce or seperation. GET ENCOURAGED!
Tuesday nights from 10 PM until at least 11 PM Marriage Help
Thursday nights from 10 PM until at least Midnight Marriage Help

For Call Information click here

When you call, you might have to hit *6 to speak as we often mute everyone because of background noise. You will hear a conversation going on when you call in - listen, learn and you may ask for help when there is an opening to say "Hi".

Your first call is totally free. If you would like to give $10 per month ongoing to access the calls after this initial free call, simply use this link:


Marriage Mentoring for Men Only!
We also offer a SPECIAL program of seperate phone calls, three times a week, JUST for men who have lost their wife's heart - and they are working to win her heart back. There is a set fee for this of $100 per month. Call Joel at 386-206-3128 for details and to register.





There have been almost 80 Weekend Marriage Intensives since January of 2007. We are now going into the third year! Call now to register for:

Please click here to go to regular weekend marriage intensive page to see available dates for upcoming weekends.

All Weekend Marriage Intensives are held in beautiful Palm Coast, Florida

A marriage intensive weekend is a weekend that will change your life forever! You will come to Palm Coast and stay at the Hampton Inn (Five miles from the most beautiful beach in the area!) To read over 300 testimonies of couples who have experienced this miracle weekend,
click here: Weekend Marriage Intensive Testimony Page

We will have sessions on Wednesday from 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM, Thursday from 10 am - 4 pm and again from 6:30 - 11:00 PM. Friday sessions will be from 10 am - 5 pm. Saturday sessions will be from 10 am - 1 PM. Saturday night at 8 PM we will eat together as a group at a restaurant. Friday evening and Saturday afternoon afternoon are free time to enjoy the beach, St. Augustine or Palm Coast. We will finish the weekend on Sunday morning with our final session from 9 am - 1 PM. We will meet with each couple privately for a minimum of 90 minutes*. These individual sessions will be scheduled individually with three couples on Friday evening, three couples on Saturday afternoon and the seventh couple on Sunday at 2 pm. The costs involved are as follows: Transportation to Palm Coast, three nights in the hotel at $89 total per night plus food. (Note: The Hampton Inn has a large breakfast selection that is included in your cost so you will only be paying for lunch and dinners.) You pay the hotel directly at checkout for your room cost.

After the weekend is over, there is a full system of follow up, consisting of the three weekly calls noted above, the 24/7 marriage forum, simple "homework" assignments and one on one phone consultations if necessary.

These Weekend Marriage Intensives are designed for marriages in crisis. Divorces are often cancelled and couples who have literally hated each other have received astounding miracles of heart transformation in the Weekend Marriage Intensive. We are thrilled that couples are saved from divorce, HOWEVER...

we are NOT satisfied it you simply "stay together" as a result of this Weekend; that is NOT our goal! Our goal is for you to experience the HAPPINESS and JOY that God planned for you to experience when he created the concept of marriage! Marriage is NOT supposed to be a test in endurance. Marriage is God's #1 means of giving us a taste of heaven on earth, when it is done right!

If you will DECIDE that you WILL NOT be satisfied until you are experiencing the happiest marriage that you know of, then we will stick with you through these easy to access opportunities until you are experiencing an OUTRAGEOUSLY HAPPY Marriage!

Your cost to us for the Weekend Marriage Intensive is a total of $590 which covers:

$280 for Joel and Kathy's ministry and time. gg---------------------------------------
$70 meeting room fees ----------------------------------------------------------------------
$125 for "take home" supplies. (17 hours of material on DVD, Two sets of presentation notes in 3-ring binders.)
$35 Dinner on Saturday night. (Does not include drinks)
$50 to cover the cost of the NCCA "Arnot Profile." Regular price $80 **
$30 - administrative cost.

If you are flying: We recommend that you fly into Jacksonville or Daytona Beach. Arrive by 2 pm in Jacksonville and by 3 pm to Daytona Beach and leave on Sunday after 5 pm in Jacksonville and after 4 pm in Daytona Beach. These suggested times give you a large window so you can be relaxed. Rental car will be wanted also.

**PLEASE NOTE: As part of your weekend, we will be administering the NCCA "Arnot Profile". This profile is the bedrock foundational tool utilized by the National Christian Counselors Association. This will be done first thing on Thursday evening. Results will be available by Saturday. This temperament outline brings great understanding in marriage dynamics and interpersonal relationships. The cost for this is included in the $590 registration fee.

Requirement to attend: Both Husband and Wife must read The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His! and Livin' It and Lovin' It! before the weekend begins.

You may pay a $295 deposit when you register, and the balance of $295 at the Intensive; or you may choose to pay the full $590 up front. Note that these weekends are limited to seven couples. The $295 deposit is non-refundable; but is transferable to a future Intensive if a cancellation becomes necessary. The second $295 is refundable. egi Please call to RSVP. 386-206-3128


For Price Comparison Purposes only!

We have done some homework for you. After two years of conducting Weekend Marriage Intensives, it occurred to us that we should see what other Weekend Marriage Intensives are available around the country. In a one hour search on the web, we found five other Weekend Intensive style Marriage Weekends. Here is a summary of the cost for those five Weekend Marriage Intensives. Note that the prices also do not include accomodations. After noting the price comparisons, be sure to click on the link that takes you to over 300 testimonies of couples who have experienced a Weekend Marriage Intensive.

Example #1 Shared Small Group Retreat

    You and your partner join one to three other couples to share a retreat together. A maximum of four couples participate.  The duration of the retreat is about 14 hours spread over two days, plus about four hours of pre-work and homework. This type of retreat is usually offered on weekends. The cost is $1,300 per couple. Travel, meals and accommodations are not included.


Example #2 The Marriage Boot Camp (day program) is for couples only. Our Marriage Boot Camp program is run in conjunction with Life Enrichment Boot Camp. Couples will attend both the day and evening program. Marriage Boot Camp times are usually Wednesday - Friday 10:00 A.M. - 11:00 P. M. And Saturday 10:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M. Marriage Boot Camp attendees will have a one hour lunch break and an hour and a half dinner break each day. The price for attending Marriage Boot Camp is $1,200.00 per couple.  (Note: Can be up to 50 people at a bootcamp)

Additional Cost: The Boot Camp ticket fees do not include travel, hotel or meals. All attendees are responsible for their own expenses.


Example #3 Weekend Intensive for couples. All seminars are from Thursday through Sunday and follow the following schedule:

  • Thurs: 10 am – 9 pm
  • Fri: 10 am – 9 pm
  • Sat: 10 am – 8 pm
  • Sun: 10 am – 5 pm

Cost: $1,998 per couple – (price includes 32 hours of training, 5 meals, COREMap Personality Profile, portofolio and a 10 week follow-up series)

Held in a Dallas hotel environment, our four day event begins on Thursday at 10:00 AM and goes through the end of the day on Sunday. You and your spouse are welcome to book a room in the workshop hotel each night, however, you are only required to stay overnight on Friday and Saturday nights.


Example #4 - 3 Day Marriage Intensives Most couples choose a 3 day Marriage Intensive even when there are serious, complex issues. Most couples struggling with infidelity issues find a 3 Day appropriate. The cost of a 3 day Marriage Intensive is $2795.

4 and 5 Day Marriage Intensives: 4 and 5 Day Marriage Intensives are most appropriate for couples who have an uneven commitment level in the relationship. When there are complex step-family issues, a 4 or 5 Day Intensive can be the most helpful. 4 Day Intensives are scheduled throughout the month. 5 Day Intensives are offered only once a month. The cost of a 4 Day Marriage Intensive is $3695. The cost of a 5 Day Intensive is $4595.


 Example #5 - the price is great, if you don't mind being with 30 couples.
Cost $325 with 30 couples at the weekend.


Weekend Marriage Intensives are now open to:

1. Engaged couples for the most realistic pre-marriage insights imaginable! Seperate hotel rooms required as we are a Christian ministry.

2. Men who have lost their wife's heart and they are working to win her heart back.*

3. Divorced men or women who want to attend as a single for healing and preparation for your future.*  

Note: *The Private sessions are reserved for couples, including engaged couples. We will do a private session with any singles on the phone after the Weekend Intensive is over. ($50 discount for singles)


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